10 Reasons Men Should Learn To Dan

dance.” They are thinking have fun dancing modern jiveof themselves doing dance floor contortions, and hating the very thought of it – frankly hating the thought of looking at all “dorky”. And with good reason… convinced they’ve no rhythm the thought of anybody watching them “dancing” is enough to make the bravest man break into a cold sweat, resulting in a “you have got to be kidding. Dance? Me? No thanks.” Or “You won’t catch me dead on a dance floor.”

That’s until they discover Modern Jive dancing. If they are brave enough to give it a shot, they’re often pleasantly surprised at just how easy it is to learn and how much fun it is.

Modern Jive is social partner dancing . But why should men learn to do modern jive – or any kind of social dancing for that matter? Smart men know – there are obvious and not-so-obvious reasons.

The obvious reasons men should learn to dance

1. It’s fun (seriously).

2. It’s extremely good exercise.

3. Modern Jive does wonders for your coordination.

4. You get a real feeling of accomplishment from confidence in your ability to lead your partner, mastering the moves, and your ability to improvise a sequence of moves to the music you are dancing to. This feeling carries over to many other areas of life.

5. Knowing how to dance something as cool as modern jive is very useful at weddings, parties – make that any social event where there is music and dancing.

The real reasons men should learn to dance

My smart men friends who have learned to dance know there are less “obvious” reasons men should learn to dance, with slight differences depending on whether you’re single or, a “not single guy.”

The Single Men

6. The vast majority of women love to dance. They love a guy who dances, who is good at it and willing to lead her on the dance floor. The feeling you get from a good modern jive dance lead beats dancing alone hands down. Since most men won’t or don’t dance for whatever reason, single men – just do the math, which goes something like this:

Women love dancing.
Most men won’t dance.
You dancing equals a huge pool of potential women you alone have access to in dance environments.
Modern Jive dance moves have a very high “looks cool” to difficulty ratio – and women are impressed by modern jive moves like the Swizzle, the Basket, the Manhattan, Man Spins, and the Astaire Lean. You will have little or no trouble learning them in a few lessons, but that can be your secret.

The “Not Single” Men

All of the above reasons apply here, guys – plus you have a few more.

7. Chances are nearly 100% that your wife or girlfriend loves to dance and wishes you would dance too – or that you would dance with her more often.

8. Modern Jive is partner dancing where the man is the dance lead. Many women love being led on the dance floor in a dance (think Dancing With the Stars, Strictly Ballroom, Dirty Dancing and the like). Or just check out a modern jive dance social. Combine that with the fact modern jive is pretty easy to learn, and can be danced to any 4/4 beat music (pop, alternative, rock standards, rock & roll; from AC/DC, Foreigner, ZZ Top as well as most club-type top 40 hits). In fact modern jive is so versatile it can be danced to pretty much any music.

9. At the very least the next time you both go to a wedding you can bank on turning many heads and getting admiring looks by showing off your modern jive steps, even if these are the basic beginner dance steps.

10. You will be earning a lot of credibility and points by agreeing to go to dance classes with her. And I don’t mean a one-off dance class here and there, but regular dance classes where you commit to learning a some dance moves you go out and dance socially. Because remember, she wants you to dance with her. Modern jive dancing is a great couples activity, and as we’ve already mentioned fabulous exercise. Given all the above you can’t really lose, can you?

And if you’re married you already know that happy wife = happy life!

With thanks to all the guys out there who’ve either learned or are learning to dance for being such inspiration. Keep it up.

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