1st Wedding Dance

Learn to dance for your wedding in hours not days.

That’s the promise of Mary Pinizzotto, the Wedding Dance Expert, (please read her impressive qualifications in her bio below).

As she points out, your first dance as husband and wife is a symbol of your love for each other, so don’t go out there unprepared.

According to Mary,who has prepared hundreds of couples for their weddings, all you need to know are a few simple principles of balance, posture, rhythm and movement, to be able to dance like stars at your wedding.

First Dance Fabulous shares simple yet powerfully effective techniques that are often overlooked on instructional videos and she combines these easy elements into a simple system.

The beauty of this 1st wedding dance system is that, (if you don’t have time to take wedding dance lessons at a dance studio), all you need to learn are a few simple elements that you can easily learn in the privacy of your own home.

You don’t need to learn a lot of complicated steps to look fabulous dancing on your wedding day. The 1st wedding dance system consists of practice lessons where you’ll learn….

The underlying principles of graceful movement with simple exercises that will allow you to do them within minutes of downloading the system.

Your wedding song is almost certainly a rumba, a foxtrot or a waltz. She shows you how to tell them apart in a few minutes and you also get a list of the most popular “first dance” songs broken down by type.

Mary Pinizzotto points out that no matter what style of dance your song calls for, it’s based on a simple box step. If your fiance can walk down a sidewalk and step around a parking meter, he can lead you in a box step.

She then shows you how to gently rotate your box. You’ll also learn how to do an underarm turn, where your man shows you off !

Of course, she also says that it’s important that when you walk on to the floor that your groom presents you in a way that’s graceful but commands attention. And it’s only natural to want to end with a flair. You’ll learn a dramatic final dip that will convince everyone at the reception you’ve been practicing in secret for months.

There’s a concentrated video package comprising of 11 elements, each of which is just a few minutes long. They’re easy to repeat and each one adds a new skill that can be quickly learned.

Adding music; popular wedding dance songs; first dance favorites; presenting the bride; attire considerations; practice notes and a lot more.

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