7 Top Benefits of Modern Jive Dance Classes

Dance classes are the perfect way to exercise without really feeling you are exercising at all. Imagine doing 4-5 dance classesdancemodernjive_cple_sept2XSmall and feeling your fitness improve, your mood lighten and your muscles get stronger. It is not only possible but quite probable especially if you do Modern Jive.

Modern Jive dance classes are actually more than just one-hour dance classes. Think of them as social dance evenings, dance sessions or even weekly social events – where people head out to dance because they love dancing, want to learn how to dance, want more confidence or just want to have a good time with like-minded people.

Taking any dance class has multiple benefits – improved fitness is just one of them.

Here are 7 benefits of dancing… how many are you getting?

1.Burn Those Calories Faster

Take a dance class twice a week and see how quickly you burn calories. It’s thought that dancing at a medium fast pace (a freestyle tempo to music of approx 128-130 Beats Per Minute – BPM) burns somewhere in the region of 250 and 500 calories. Exercising 2-3 times a week is recommended so you could get most of your exercise in by taking a couple of modern jive dance classes a week. If you want to see the weight drop off and your overall fitness go up – dance regularly.

2. Better Balance

Partner dancing means you gain better balance – and you also learn to ensure your partner is balanced. It’s both a skill and an art form. Many people feel clumsy when they first begin dancing – that’s natural, however after 5-6 dance classes most feel their balance improving. They start to walk taller, improving their posture which in turn makes them feel more confident.

3. Stronger Muscles

Strong muscles, especially abdominal muscles are essential for being fit.It’s said that flabby abdominal muscles are an indicator of heart disease. Toned muscles help you burn fat more efficiently. While dancing isn’t going to miraculously tighten all your muscles overnight dancing will give you stronger leg and arm muscles. For best effects do a combination of modern jive dance classes and muscle toning exercises.

4. Less Stress

Some stress is good. Much of it isn’t. Most of us are living under a lot of stress – much more than is healthy. Stress has been called the “silent killer”.” So anything you can do to reduce or relieve stress in your life is a good thing and your body will thank you for it. Taking Modern Jive dance classes is a great way to reduce stress. Modern Jive dance sessions focus primarily on having fun while learning to dance and the social aspect of getting together to dance to uplifting music in a social atmosphere is central to Modern Jive sessions. The combination of music,dancing and social – all working together will give you a high and take your mind off your immediate concerns.

5. Greater Confidence

Most of us lack confidence at something. But having confidence is vital if you want to succeed at anything in life. Be it asking for a date, making new friends, stepping out onto a dance floor, or competing or even going for a new job. Confidence can be learned and there are many confidence building courses and activities available. However if you want to improve any aspect of your confidence try taking regular Modern Jive dance classes. One of the first things you’ll discover is a sense of accomplishment and over time a confidence boost which can open many other doors for you – on and off the dance floor.

6. New Friends

In an age where people are spending more and more time behind various sized computer screens “being social,” it’s more important than ever to get out and meet people face to face. Partner dancing is excellent for this (Modern Jive is form of partner dancing as is Ballroom dancing and salsa) and in a dance class you’re almost guaranteed to meet new people. For people who are single or newly single dance classes are perfect – you don’t need to bring a partner to come to a class and you will be able to dance with everyone. Dance sessions are just one aspect of of the Modern Jive experience … there are regular dance socials, dance parties, freestyle dance events, dinner dances and more.

7. Admiration

People admire those who can dance. They always have and probably always will. The popularity of shows like “Dancing with the Stars” or “Strictly Come Dancing” is all the proof you need of that. We can’t get enough of seeing people dance effortlessly across the floor with passion and fun. We love seeing the creativity. So, there is no question – if you can dance even the most simple steps you will get many admiring glances. While we may not all aspire to dance on television shows, you can still dance like a star – and turn heads at that next wedding party or social. Taking just a few modern jive dance classes could make you the one people come up to and say “Wow, I wish I could dance like you!” It has happened… and it is more common than you may think.

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