7 Ways a Modern Jive Beginner Dance Workshop Helps You Learn to Dance

arted taking Modern Jive dance classes or you’re thinking of taking dance classes in general you may be concerned about how long it will take you to learn to dance confidently.

modern jive dancers workshop in Toronto

In fact one of the first questions I get from beginner dancers is “How long will it take me to learn to dance?” And that’s before they’ve come to their first dance class!

The answer to “How long will it take me to learn to dance?” is “It depends.” It depends on many things, such as:

How much do you want to learn to dance?
How much time are you willing to commit to learning to dance?
Are you prepared to practice dancing… and grab every opportunity to become better?
Have you set any dancing goals?
Some people can become pretty good dancers in a matter of months. For others it can take a little longer. I’ll address some or all of the above points (and several more) in later posts. For now I’d like to address one of the fastest and most effective ways of learning to dance and improving your modern jive partner dancing in a relatively short time by taking an Intensive modern jive dance workshop.

What’s a Modern Jive Intensive Workshop?

Simply, it’s a small group workshop focusing on building your beginner dance foundations.

So, you might ask, why take a Beginner dance workshop if you can learn to dance over time?

Here’s why

1. Taking a beginner modern jive dance workshop shortens your dance learning curve

You start building your dancing foundation earlier and you then build on this foundation in the weekly dancing classes. This in turn increases your confidence as you’ll find you pick up the moves more quickly. Confidence builds confidence in dancing – so don’t be surprised if before long you become a sought-after dance partner in the freestyle at socials and at other Modern Jive dance events!

2. You benefit from a unique workshop dynamic

A modern jive beginner dance workshop is generally a smaller group compared to an evening dance class (we generally limit spots), so you receive you have more opportunity to work on specific aspects of learning to dance, such as leading and following, hearing the music or a particular move you’d like to work on.

3. You learn the basic beginner modern jive dance moves

Repetition, practice and learning some basic beginner dance moves are central to a beginner modern jive intensive workshop. Learning to dance these beginner moves confidently are essential for building up your overall confidence and skill.

4. You get to meet others who are learning to dance too

As dancers, we are always learning and striving to do better. Learning to dance socially can be a huge and often terrifying step for many (no matter what anyone says). It’s good to feel you’re not alone and to meet others who understand and are giving dancing a shot too. It’s all about learning to dance with confidence.

5. A modern jive beginner dance workshop focuses on specifics

Want to work on turns, hand-holds following technique and spins ladies? Men – Want to learn how to lead effectively, hear the beat, count yourself in to the music, or transition confidently from one move to another? How DO you “step back in the Basket or Sway, anyway?” What’s that move we learned a few weeks ago…that you really liked? A beginner modern jive intensive workshop is an excellent way to tackle these questions and more in a few hours with a group of like-minded people.

6. A modern jive dance workshop is FUN!

All modern jive evening dance classes focus on having fun while you’re learning – the workshops have the same fun social approach – an integral part of the modern jive dance experience. All you need to bring is yourselves, a willingness to give it a shot and a sense of humour. Be prepared for a great time dancing to some of your favourite music.

7. A dance workshop does wonders for your confidence

You will leave a modern jive beginner intensive workshop actually able to dance at least 5 moves. This may sound amazing but it’s true.

Of course, to build on that ability you’ll want to continue with regular classes to cement your learning, as you will build your dancing skill through lessons and by dancing in the freestyle (practice) part of class whenever you can. However finishing a 4-hour workshop with the ability to do at least 5 basic beginner moves is a huge confidence booster. “I can’t” becomes”Actually, I can!”

And we have seen people who’ve attended a workshop in class… the difference in their dancing is amazing.

If you’re tired of sitting on the sidelines at weddings and social events, fed up of dancing alone at clubs while everyone has fun, or would love to turn heads on the dance floor in a a few weeks rather than years, a Modern Jive Beginner Intensive workshop is for you.

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