Awesome Intensive Beginner Modern Jive Workshop

Well, what a great time we had at our Intensive Beginner Modern Jive Dance Workshop on Saturday November 19th. It was all the more wonderful as this particular modern jive workshop had to be rescheduled from October. Just goes to show that every cloud has a silver lining – we had a super turnout and a great group on Saturday!

Over the course of four hours on Saturday November 19th the beginner modern jive dancers learned no less than 12 beginner modern Jive dance moves and 3 beginner modern jive routines at our Saturday workshop with lots of practice. They did fabulously and we even threw in a couple of high-end moves like the Pretzel. Yes, it was pretty intensive.

We all worked hard and it was great fun. It was a pleasure to meet and teach all the dancers – and it was good to see some of our modern jive students back taking the intensive modern jive dance workshop after some time away from dancing.

Thrilling to see people discover that, with some practice, great teaching and a little time and patience dancing is well within their reach. We’re here to show you how, so don’t be shy, it really is easy once you put your mind to it and practice. You’ve started with a great foundation of 12 beginner dance moves.

Learn to Dance in a Day is the ultimate beginner dance intensive and a great modern jive refresher too… it was great to dance with everyone and see and feel them getting better as they practiced dancing through the routines with the teachers and each other. Great job all, and very well done.

As always a big thank you to Matt, Stephanie and Harry the Jive Nation team… and all the beginner dancers for another awesome beginner workshop. Thanks also to the Monarch’s Pub. Look forward to seeing you showing off your new skills in the weeks ahead, dancers. See you on the dance floor!

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