CBG Maintenance Brings Path Breaking Services in Broken Bolt Removal

Virginia, 11th April 12, 2012: CBG Maintenance, a known name in metal disintegration, brings path breaking service  which is a major part of machinery maintenance in any size of industries. If you don’t have access to such a company then you may find it difficult to run the machineries smoothly. The company uses state of art disintegrators to disintegrate metal and also uses Hydrokinetics which is a process for cleaning piping and heat exchanger and this technology is patented by the company. The company always tries to maximize asset uptime for their customers.

In any industrial heavy machinery the job of removing broken bolt becomes quite essential because things may not work with the slightest problem. But the work is not very easy and proper technique is required for the same. Metal disintegration is the most effective way of removing broken bolt and that is done within a very short time. The company uses machineries that are easy to carry to the client location. The company also provides service in their technical workshop and deals with all sorts of broken bolt. This is possible because of the improved process that breaks down any metal in minutes without harming the machine.

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