Dance Studio Helps Students Find Success on the Dance Floor

At Jive Nation Toronto Dance Studio few things are more thrilling than when a beginner modern jive dance student has the opportunity and confidence to take what they’ve learned in their modern jive dance classes out onto the public dance floor. Beginner dance student Larry Moody found that taking a regular Toronto dance Classes with Jive Nation Toronto Dance Studio paid off with dancing success and confidence on the dance floor when he recently attended an official banquet.

Larry discovered he could lead almost any woman through beginner modern jive dance moves even if they themselves hadn’t danced modern jive before.

Larry started dance classes at Jive Nation Toronto Dance Studio in early 2011. He became a regular at the studio’s weekly modern jive classes, making good progress towards his dancing goals.

As well as attending weekly beginner dance classes, Larry also attended Learn to Dance in a Day, Jive Nation Toronto’s Intensive Beginner Dance Workshop, learning the foundations of partner dancing, basic beginner dance moves, dance tips and techniques, musicality, and modern jive freestyle dancing.

Regularly watching Jive Nation Toronto’s modern jive dance videos on YouTube also became useful for reminding him of the dance moves he learned in class each week.

“At a recent event, I found that with a bit of firm leading and caution I could lead any woman through modern jive dance moves such as the Octopus, Yo-Yo, Half-windmill and even the Catapult.” said Larry.

“Unlike many other forms of dancing, such as Ballroom or salsa, I have found modern jive is practical and applicable in regular social situations,” says Larry. “I find that other forms of dancing like ballroom, while great to dance require trained partners, specific music and large and accommodating dance floors.”

Modern jive is more robust in these respects. It can be danced anywhere, with just about anyone in the most crowded of situations. When it comes to music, modern jive can be danced to popular music played on the radio or encountered in everyday life. It’s dancing that you can do at any party, wedding or banquet with most people. In fact, many people already know a few moves from modern jive without knowing what it is called.

Larry enjoys learning to dance modern jive because it has given him something to dance compared to just winging it on the dance floor which most people do.

“I suspect more people would enjoy dancing at parties if they had even a few modern jive dance moves in their repertoire to provide them with a structure,” says Larry. “Modern jive provides such structure and this in turn improves one’s confidence in social situations. And it’s a lot of fun! With Jive Nation Toronto’s help I am moving toward my goal of finally knowing how to dance.”

Larry continues to build his dance skills and repertoire at Jive Nation Toronto. A tip he finds helps him is listing all the beginner modern jive dance moves and in turn memorizing their names.

“From linking dance moves together into routines, recalling them effortlessly, becoming confident enough to take to the banquet dance floor with modern jive – that’s a significant achievement”, says Nicky Heatherington; of Jive Nation Toronto Dance Studio.

“Learning to dance confidently takes practice and the willingness to stick with it until it clicks. However Larry proves that dancing success awaits students who do put in the effort and practice.”

Larry says, “Nothing worthwhile comes easily and with a bit of effort and practice I have come a long way… It has definitely been worth it!”

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