Have You Thought About Homeschooling your Child?

Homeschooling can be a daunting prospect.St Aidens Homeschool is a site of exceptionally high quality and this is not a statement that I would ever make lightly. This educational site was created as a labour of love by Donnette a single working mother. It’s aimed first and foremost to improve education in her beloved South Africa but has universal teaching materials. It will help you to be a good teacher to your child. As she herself writes:-

“The South African Republic Education system is struggling with many problems. Home-based education is a new concept not yet well understood. What I aim to do with this site is share and discuss health information, education, ideas, curricula, work plans, lessons, books and units which I have obtained or created or am creating”
This attractively presented homeschooling educational site is easy to navigate with sounds and moving images enhancing the sites friendly feel.  The site is a cornucopia of goodies. You can download dictionaries in English, Afrikaans, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, and Hindi amongst other languages. There are also educational fairy tales and other books,work plans, puzzles, flash cards, beautiful photographs of South African animals, butterflies and moths as well as high quality clipart. This homeschooling site also has information on the weather and the world around us. Important subjects in education such as phonetics, english, maths and reading are thoroughly covered.The information pages for teachers and parents contain links to literally hundreds of homeschooling and other sites. Planning curricula and workplans should not be difficult with so much material to hand.

There are also pages on holidays and festivals and Celebrating Peace by helping children deal with conflict. The section on teaching children to take responsibility for their health is highly relevant indeed. Donnette intends to add information in the near future on the present day health scurge of Africa HIV/AIDS. This amazing home schooling site also has pages on the Law in South Africa as it applies to children.

What is not on offer is a structured home schooling course but it offers curricula material and inspiration in abundance for the pre-school to the early teen years. No parent need fear acting as teacher to their own children with this site available.

I am totally convinced that the parents of children who have special educational and health needs will find a great deal of useful educational material that they can work with on this home schooling site. You and your child will find the activities are not only educational but great fun as well!

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