History of Indian Blankets

Those who take pride in the heritage of America can showcase that pride with Indian blankets. Indian blankets, Indian coats, etc. all keep the art of the Native Americans alive in textile form. Pendleton is dedicated to keeping true to that Native American spirit, which is evident in the high quality of their products.

For ages, Native Americans have been known for the craftsmanship of their Indian blankets. The blankets have always been significant to the Native American way of life. Pendleton respects that significance by putting great care into their blankets, coats, wraps, etc.

Indian blankets have always been not only beautiful, but also practical. Like the Pendleton wraps, coats, etc., Indian blankets are made to be both warm and comfortable. To keep this tradition alive, Pendleton works closely with Native Americans to make sure their products are true to the age-old craft.

Pendleton bags, wraps, scarves, etc. come from a long tradition of greatness. The company began in Pendleton, Oregon, back in the very beginning of the 20th century. At that time, they began making beautiful and intricate blankets for the nearby Native American tribes.

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