Misconceptions About Hip Hop Dance Classes

Unfortunately many people are put off hip hop dance classes in London for a variety of reasons. This is unfortunate as it is an art that anyone can enjoy. Read about some of the misconceptions below:

1. You Have To Be Cool

This is a big misconception. Cool is a matter of opinion and people think that other people will think they are uncool if they walk into a class. The reality is everyone is more concerned about themselves and are in the hip hop classes to learn to dance, not to laugh at everyone else.

2. You Have To Dress A Certain Way

It’s true that many people into hip hop culture dress a certain way. And people really into hip hop dance often dress in hip hop style baggy clothing, maybe caps or oversized shorts. However there are plenty of people who DON’T.

At the end of the day clothing is part of your outer apearance and nothing to do with the way you dance. Just because there are other people dressed a certain way doesn’t mean you’re not welcome there. You can come dressed like an orange with some leaves coming out of your hair, but if you rip it up on the dancefloor no one’s gonna care.

3. You Have To Be Part Of A Hip-Hop Dance Crew

Quite the opposite. Most of the people in hip hop dance crews learnt to do what they can do by going to hip hop dance classes in London and street dance classes just like you and me. Then when they got good they auditioned for a dance troupe and got in. And the rest is history.

If you ever see someone perform at dance shows with a dance troupe, and then audition for a dance troupe, and then start to get good, and then trip over their feet in dance class and then be too scared to enter a dance class because they’re not in a crew, in THAT precise order please email me and I’ll amend my website.

4. You Have To Be As Good As The Other People In The Dance Class

The other people in the class are probably good because they’ve been coming for a while. If when you start learning to dance you find it difficult, rest assured that everyone did and probably your teacher did as well when they were learning.

After a few months newcomers coming into the class will be wishing they were as good as you. How quickly fortunes change!

5. You Have To Be Young To Enjoy It

Hip hop is relatively new. The scene started making noise in the 80s and only really took off this century on a big scale. Not surprisingly hip-hop dance is relatively new as well and popular with young adults, as it’s usually the young people who are at the forefront of culture changes.

However that doesn’t mean you have to be a teenager to enjoy it. You can enjoy it at any age, there are no age barriers except the ones you impose on youself. Free yourself of such limiting beliefs including all the ones above and learn just to enjoy yourself in hip hop dance classes.

In London you’re lucky to be able to have the opportunity to learn hip hop dance, so if it’s something you want to do don’t let misguided beliefs hold you back.

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