Modern Jive Dance Classes Toronto!

Become a confident dancer in weeks with fun Modern Jive dance classes, dance lessons, social dance events and parties at Jive Nation Toronto..

Our Modern Jive Dance school is located at El Rancho Latin Night Club, 430 College Street, Toronto. Beginner and Intermediate dance lessons are every Thursday from 7.30pm to 10.30 pm.

Our group modern jive dance classes in Toronto, popular monthly jive dance socials and freestyle dancing events in Toronto will have you dancing confidently in a matter of months. We help you learn to dance in a fun social atmosphere – and you will leave your first dance lesson able to competently dance 3-4 simple yet sophisticated dance moves – you’ll be amazed at how much fun dancing can be.

Learn more about our fun weekly modern jive dance classes on our site.

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Modern jive social dancing is also known as Night Club Jive, leroc and Ceroc (TM). It’s like salsa meets jive meets ballroom and more – but without the complicated footwork. Check out our lesson schedule and join us for your dance class.

There’s no need to book, come alone or with friends.

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You don’t need any experience to join our dance classes, and there’s no need to bring a partner either – making modern jive perfect for singles as well as couples.

We rotate everyone during class (swap partners) so that you will always have plenty of people to dance with every single class and plenty of dancing practice. Single and want to get to meet new people? Toronto’s Modern Jive dance classes are a great to make new friends and learn a much-admired new skill – dancing – all at the same time. We teach the guys to develop a strong, confident dance lead and the ladies how to follow a given dance lead and develop great and stylish following skills – modern jive is a lead/follow social dance, highly admired by others as it looks very cool and stylish when on the dance floor.

Jive Nation Toronto dance classes are social – we’re friendly, inclusive and approachable – and we believe dancing is about having fun as much as learning to dance!

So what are you waiting for? You can drop in for a weekly dance class or save and buy a bunch of classes with our value modern jive dance class passes.

Modern Jive is very easy to learn, even if you haven’t danced before and by the end of your first lesson you will be dancing 3-4 basic beginner moves quite competently. In a few weeks you will be able to wow people with some cool dance moves and you will give your confidence a huge boost – not to mention impress your friends.

More about Modern Jive

Modern Jive is not ballroom jive or old style rock n roll and does not use salsa steps or triple steps found in West Coast Swing. Modern Jive is also not “The Jive”, or “Jive” both of which use a 6-8 beat music and rarely lend themselves to today’s social club dance floor. Modern Jive is more like a funky fusion of Salsa, Ballroom and Jive, with a bit of Swing.
Modern Jive has many names – it is also known as Leroc, French Jive, and Nightclub Jive. It is also sometimes called Ceroc (also the company who trademarked the term Ceroc) or more recently Ceroc Modern Jive. The Leroc name is not trademarked and may be used by anyone who has trained with a Leroc trained teacher.
The Jive Nation Toronto Modern Jive method teaches sophisticated yet simple dance moves using a 4 x4 box step and using modern pop music. This makes it very easy to learn.
Modern Jive originated in France, and comes from the American GI’s version of Rock & Roll.
Modern Jive has been refined and changed from those early days to what we have and enjoy now.
Modern Jive is danced all over the world, it’s very popular in England, Australia and New Zealand.
Modern Jive is a fantastic way to meet people, to keep fit and learn to dance in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere.
You can come to a modern jive lesson on your own, or with friends. You do not need a partner to attend lessons as everyone swaps partners throughout class and dances with everyone else. This is the way to get good fast. Plus it’s heaps of fun.

Here’s a short video of some modern jive moves we learned in one of our classes. You can see many more on our YouTube Channel. See you in class.

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