Modern Jive Dancing Looks Great at Weddings

I found this video through a share from a friend on Twitter. It reminded me of a key reason people take beginner adult dance classes in Toronto – weddings. Some people take up modern jive dancing for their own wedding, others to dance at a wedding. One thing is for sure…you will probably get invited to a wedding, maybe several a year. If you’ve learned modern jive partner dancing you’ll be ready to wow them on the dance floor.

I wanted to share this lovely video of Engin and Steve’s Wedding Day, where they danced modern jive for their Engin and Steve’s Wedding Day Dance – Modern Jive Shoreram, UKWedding Day dance in Shoreram, UK. And not only that, “Can’t Take my Eyes off You” is a favourite song of mine.

Here’s the video of Engin and Steve’s Wedding Day Dance from YouTube – with thanks to @MJGeek for sharing the link on Twitter. Hope you enjoy watching the video as much as I did and that it gives you an idea of how much fun modern jive is.

YouTube Preview Image
Back to modern jive and this video which once again shows just how versatile modern jive is.

This was the tweet that led me to the video – I’ve left it intact:

Congratulations! Another #modernjive #romance and #wedding. Some take it up just for their wedding #dance vid. Via #mjgeek.

Modern jive is fabulous for wedding dances… it always looks impressive and it is so versatile you can easily make it your own – whether you like simple moves or more extravagant ones. What comes across is that modern jive partner dancing is a conversation – and it is fun. It is great to see the fun coming across as the couple dances… and know that same fun is what we recreate in our classes each week, and indeed that’s experienced at modern jive classes throughout the world.

Want to meet people? Come to Modern Jive

Going to a modern jive class significantly increases the odds of meeting great people – (maybe even that special person, who knows?). Social dancing, where you learn to partner dance has always been a great way to meet members of the opposite sex – with none of the awkwardness you get from dating events like speed dating or blind dates.

People tend to go to modern jive to enjoy learning to dance, but more importantly to simply enjoy the experience of dancing to great music with no strings attached. If you come to a jive evening, people assume you want to dance – and as that’s what you’ll do. In some modern jive dance communities the social aspect extends after the evening session – heading off to a pub or a place to get a bite to eat or drink to get to know your fellow dancers is very common… social is part and parcel of modern jive, not an afterthought.

I am always hearing about people meeting, romances, and yes… weddings happening as a result of people meeting at modern jive or related modern jive events. Often it’s simply a case of people coming on their own to to dance and enjoy a great evening out – and meeting other people who also love to dance and have a good time out. One more reason I love modern jive – you can go along to a class solo – and you will never feel alone because you will meet so many people on your first night.

Modern Jive is the easiest way to learn to dance

Compared to most other dance forms, which can take years to learn modern jive is surprisingly easy to learn given how impressive it looks on the dance floor. The secret? Using a 4 x 4 “box step”, lots of repetition and practice during the lesson, the emphasis on having fun, a focus on dancing as a social event rather than merely dance lessons, and freestyle. Because of this many people are quite surprised at how quickly they pick up modern jive dancing confidence.

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