Performance Of IBM 6500 In Business Environments

IBM is known for their quality products for domestic as well as industrial customers. They have been producing industrial standard equipments for different sectors. InfoPrint 6500 is another quality product from IBM. This is a heavy duty printer designed for industrial purposes specially and helps major businesses in adapting to the latest technologies. Some of the important characteristics of this printer include its reliability, easy management, and high efficiency. This printer is designed with user friendly interface and it can be easily handled without much practice or training.

The most attractive feature about the phone is the state-of-the-art print engine and modern controller mechanism leading to minimum user interaction. In addition to easy handling capabilities, this printer also support remote management ensuring easy handling of the product. Some important specs of the printer are discussed below.

  • Type of printer: IBM 6500 is designed as a workgroup printer and supports line-matrix technology. It is a monochrome computer and suits major printing requirements in large scale printing.
  • Print Speed: This printer can work under three different modes and speeds. With fast draft option, it can print up to 1000 lines in every minute. Further, it can print 400 lines in letter fanfold and 750 lines in draft-fanfold mode.
  • Interface and language simulation: InfoPrint 6500 comes in both serial as well as parallel interface. It supports three different language simulations including Printronix Serial matrix, IBM ProPrinter, and Printronix P-Series language simulation.
  • Connectivity: IBM 6500 comes with wired connectivity and that is the only area where you have a limitation.

In short, it is one of the best monochrome printers developed for industrial printing purposes and these can withstand tough industrial environment with ease. If you are looking for an exceptional quality printer for your business, InfoPrint 6500 is best for you.


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