The Blend Of Live And Dance In James Jordan And Ola Jordan

James Jordan and Ola Jordan have been accomplished ballroom dance professionals and they have also been an amiable pair as well. They got married in 2003 and ever since then they have not ceased their presence on dance shows.Ola Jordan has been one of the most respectable of all dance professionals owing to her unparalleled charm and incredible performances. She won the 9th season of “Strictly Come Dancing”. This is a dance show where a judging panel is the critic of the dancers and checks them after each round ends.

The comments of the judges greatly decide the impact on polling results. The audiences were always in favor of Ola right from the start. She received excellent ratings all over and her performances were liked by the audiences to a great extent. The best part about the performances of Ola was that these was completely engrossed in her dance form and had an eminent grace in which she made her moves.

The dance superstar beat Australia based ballroom dance specialist Natalie Love in the finals of season 9. She stood first in the event and got skyscraping fame for the same. James Jordan has also been an impressive performer and he has managed to make a mark in the dance industry with his unmatchable performances at some of the leading dance shows and events worldwide. James was born in Kent and he started with dance at the age of 13. He previously used to dance with Przemek in Poland. However, now he dances with his wife Ola.

He also danced with Melnicka but they split up back in 1999. He performed at the Dutch open in the calendar year 2000. He turned professional by 2003. He used to teach Latin dance form in Hong Kong along with her wife. However the couple decided to return to performing in dance events.

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