What Happens In London Street Dance Classes?

London has a lot of street dance classes in comparison to many other towns around the UK and even the world. With so many around it can be confusing what you should expect from street dance classes in London.

The one thing which is almost guaranteed is that if you walk into a street dancing class you’ll learn a dance routine in the class. This is pretty much standard. There will also be some sort of warm-up where you may also learn some of the basic techniques of that style, if not then you’ll be doing various stretches.

Most classes described as street dance will often be very similar to hip hop dance. They will often be done to popular music at the time, often music recently in the charts. This can include pop, r&b and hip-hop and other styles of music also.

Street dance is a very broad term and it also encompasses styles such as locking, popping and breakin’ would also probably fall under this category. However you’re unlikely to learn these styles in a class called ‘street dance.’ They may include these styles but it’s unlikely to be based around that 1 style for the whole class.

The title of the class will often give you hints to what you can expect. If it’s just street dance, it will be routines similar to hip-hop dance classes. If it’s called ‘street locking’ it will mainly be lockin’ if it’s ‘street jazz’ it will be a fusion of street dance and jazz.

They are several forms of street dance that look very different from one another and have their own unique styles and techniques. Because the styles are so different any time you’re doing street dance classes in London, or anywhere else in the world for that fact you should dance in the unique way the teacher is as no 2 styles are the same.

Have fun learning top street dance in your classes!

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