Why Learn to Dance in a Day Helps You Learn Faster in Your Dance Class

If you have ever had a desire to dance, now is the time to learn. And now there is a really fast way to get the basics of partner dancing that will help you leap-frog your fellow students in your regular dance class. You can effectively boost your progress in dance classes by taking an afternoon intensive dance workshop. And feel what it’s like to learn to dance in just a day and feel confident enough to take to the dance floor or even make more of your dance class. A beginner dance intensive workshop is an excellent way to learn several new dance moves in just one afternoon.

It’s also a way to make lots of fun new friends and enjoy an afternoon learning something new.

Jive Nation Toronto Modern Jive Dance Class

After completing a dance workshop, you will be able to dance five to ten cool dance moves in freestyle, more than enough to show off on any dance floor and impress friends and strangers alike. That can be a serious confidence booster.

Social Confidence

You will also gain the all-important social confidence you need to spend time on the dance floor and that empowers you to do many other things on and off the dance floor, such as (if you are a guy) being able to ask a lady to dance even if you’re still a beginner dancer. And if you are a lady, the fun of following a good dance lead on the dance floor can only be experienced. Much of dancing is about feeling comfortable and confident with your body’s movements and learning a dance like modern jive can help you achieve that confidence. Because it takes a shorter time to learn modern jive you can quickly focus on having fun in almost any social situation and in particular ones that involve dancing.

Dancing Helps You Connect

Did I mention that a dance workshop is also a great way to meet new people? These days people are drowning in convenience and technology. They communicate through emails and text messages and computer screens, so much of the human interaction we used to take for granted is lost. During a dance workshop, attendees develop a bond of friendship, even though they may never have met before. Because everyone is there for the same things: to learn to dance, to enjoy great music, to spend a fun afternoon doing something different, to improve their dancing, to get better in their dance classes, learn a life-long skill – or simply to get out of the house and meet like minds – an interaction you simply cannot get via computer or technology will develop. You will almost always remember someone who was at the first dance workshop you did.

Interacting with others who are learning to dance, is a great way to get that feeling of personal interaction back in your life. If you are single, or have no friends it is a great way to make new ones. If you are a couple attending a fun afternoon learning to dance can be something new you do together. Plus you get to practice with other people, which removes the pressure of “measuring up” to your partner when it comes to dancing.

Dancing is One of the Best Social Activities You Can Do!

If you are normally a wallflower at parties, you will find a workshop can loosen you up and get you noticed by potential friends and show you ways to initiate a dance or conversation, or something new. Many people are held back from a rich social life because they are shy or feel intimidated at initiating social conversations that could open up new horizons for them. With most people at a dance workshop being fairly new, shyness soon disappears as you get to meet and dance with everyone in the workshop. Instead, people are amazed at how fast the afternoon has flown by… and how much they’ve learned. Chances are they will never again think they have two left feet.

And even better – when you attend a modern jive dance workshop you not only learn to dance some simple moves and cool dance routines, you’ve also helped your fellow attendees learn to dance as well. Sometimes it seems almost magical. Although many people think they can’t dance, most people can (if they stop listening to the voice that tells them they can’t).

Dance Classes and Dance Intensives Work Together

They may need dance classes and plenty of practice (few people are natural dancers) plus a low-stress social setting and encouragement, however with time people can usually amaze themselves. A dance workshop is a small-group setting, which means attendees usually get more individual attention than in a very large dance class. A modern jive dance workshop is also a great way to sample a dance class. So, if you’ve been on the fence about learning to dance this year, perhaps it’s time to try a dance workshop. Take the first step, it’s usually the hardest. It could do wonders for your dancing and open up to wonderfully new possibilities. There has never been a better time to learn how to dance.

Jive Nation Toronto runs regular, affordable weekend modern jive dance workshops. They teach only modern jive – so there’s no fear of having to learn five different dance formats for months on end. You can simply focus on just one (modern jive) and feel good when you master it. There’s also no fancy footwork, another worry new dancers usually have – with good reason. If you are looking for an affordable way to brush up on or learn some basic dance skills useful in any social situation,whether you are a beginner dancer or have some dance experience then try a modern jive dance workshop. I can’t think of a better way to spend an afternoon. And if you’ve a busy schedule, a 4-hour workshop on a Saturday may be just what you’re after.

Jive Nation Toronto runs two or three modern jive dance workshops a year. They are huge fun and very popular. For a limited time there’s an super dance package available for people who’d love to learn to dance (and impress their friends and colleagues) this year. It’s the best deal in town.

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